Whenever a student decides to study a course online, technological requirements of your computer or other technological hardware used are to be verified. Some courses require a minimum level of hardware and software. TAC requests such technological criteria of its students as well.  That is why prior to registering, students are asked to go to the following link to identify if they have the minimal Hardware and Software requirements for the use of the Learning Management System of Desire2Learn (D2L) used by TAC. This is a safe and secure online, virtual learning environment.

System Check

The following checks ensure that your browser is properly configured to use the system.

All Hardware and Software criteria will be checked automatically. The check list will indicate on of 2 states: “not passed” or “passed”! Please note that these usually pertain to a Desk Top or Lap Top Computer, not a form of mobile phone, pad or book. Various models may provide what you need.

Learning Environment Compatibility Check for your Computer/Device (Please do this compatibility check. Copy & Paste the following link in your Internet address bar)


Critical System Checks

JavaScript: Will your web browser supports JavaScript?

Cookies: Are cookies enabled in your browser? Non-critical System Checks

Browser: Is your browser is fully supported, safe and secure?

Flash: Does your browser have a compatible Adobe Flash plug-in?

Display: Does your screen resolution meet the recommended 1,024 by 768 pixels?

Java: Does your browser support Java?

Rich Content Editing: Does your browser supports rich content editing?

What else you may need

Teachers of particular credits may have more requirements such as access to hardware like a Digital Camera and Scanner or software like Photoshop or Publisher. This will be outlined for each course.