What is the importance of completing an education to the end of high school?

In order to support every eligible Grade 7-12 student to graduate from high school, The Ontario Ministry of Education has created a Student Success Strategy. The Ministry of Education encourages schools, public and private, to offers a variety of education routes, opportunities and approaches to maximize graduation result.

The Trinity Academy of Canada is committed to this Success Strategy by offering a non-traditional means of graduating, namely in a virtual, online format.

The Success Strategy is located at this link: http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/parents/studentsuccess.html

How does TAC help?

It has adopted the School Support initiative by providing a team approach of three members: TAC school; home or learning site; and student team to ensure that each student stays on track and graduates.

TAC assists students from secondary schools to transition into the online High School environment via the review of academic information; offering suggestions for credit; providing a resource site to begin (www.trinitycanada.ca) , ensuring the pathway is scaffolding and building; providing an exit plan after high school.

Through the re-engagement initiative, TAC offers its credits to those who have either left school or have not been attending.

TAC provides alternatives for the following students:

  • High performing student athletes, artists or volunteers (mission/development services)
  • Students undergoing health issues, both physical and psychological
  • Some parents elect home schooling. TAC can act as that student’s high school credit source since TAC is in the process of being validated by the Ontario Ministry of Education to receive a BSID number and the authority to grant credits forward the OSSD.
  • Adult students who have been unemployed or require re-training or a change in career and require a high school diploma.
  • Foreign students who cannot afford the kind of education Canada offers by coming to Canada can now attend an Ontario High School and graduate while in their home countries.
  • TAC ensures that new students and those in its care for educational advancement receive current and professional academic advice.

As an Ontario Online High School the intent of TAC to build our programs in quality and variety. This means that TAC is helping to meet “… the needs, interests and strengths of all eligible students, engaging them in learning and better preparing them for graduation and beyond.”2 TAC encourages all students to complete high school and that implies staying in high school until the age of 18 or until the OSSD or Certificate of Education is completed. Completing a secondary school education ensures that the basics required for a successful life.

TAC hires ONLY qualified staff registered with the Ontario College of Teachers or its equivalent. The OCT allows the public to search for an educator’s name and review his/her “standing” within the College. Private secondary schools are permitted to grant credits only after a ministry inspection.

As a private school in the process of validation, TAC is a high quality course option for the Gr. 9-12 student and for those adult students beyond the age of 18 years looking to complete a secondary education.

TAC plays a major role in offering a service to students who wish to attend an alternative school that differs from the traditional school setting that is often restricted by time and space. However TAC establishes a close relationship with parent(s)/legal guardian(s) when it comes to student attendance.

TAC has a number of the “necessary tools to create an engaging school experience…..” “Every student learns in his or her own way”3. Many learning paths are provided by TAC. Students will truly be involved and prepared. We also provide “one-on-one support” via our Internet communication formats. Regular communication between student and teacher is emphasized by TAC and required by TAC students using the Student Agreement students must sign.