Dear Sir/Madam:

Thank you for considering being a proctor for a TAC student who will be writing a final exam.

A proctored exam is one that is overseen by an impartial individual (called a proctor) who monitors or supervises a student while he or she is taking an exam. The proctor ensures the security and integrity of the exam process. -

The Proctor must be approved by the teacher of the course and/or Principal or designate and is subject to the following checklist. The teacher or TAC will arrange the date/time/place with the proctor.

Proctor Guidelines for TAC Students

  • The student/parent/guardian or TAC can procure the Proctor.
  • The Proctor must be an objective adult, over 25 years of age and non-partisan with TAC and with the TAC student; a non-student; a non-course member; a non-family or extended family member. The proctor will be employed or provide volunteer service via a bone fide organization.
  • TAC is not responsible to ensure that the proctor has had a Criminal Background Check although this is advised.
  • The Proctor should be within an accepted geographical location of the student. That may be subject to the student’s ability to gain access to that Proctor. The proctor, student and teacher are to be in agreement on the date/time/location of the exam.

The Proctor will Provide

  • a private space in a public setting. Acceptable locations could be a local school; Library; City Hall; Volunteer Centre; University or College; Shopping Mall Management Office; Professional Office like a Law office; Senior Centre; Service Club; Safe Haven/Shelter; Police Office; Medical Office
  • a supervised space that will prevent inappropriate behaviour such as cheating
  • NO ASSISTANCE whatsoever unless clearly directed by the teacher.
  • a quiet setting, place or room that has limited distractions. It must have exam provisions as deemed appropriate such as a writing space. The evaluation station must be comfortable for a lengthy period of time as required to complete the exam/evaluation. It must have good lighting temperature and air circulation. It should have limited noise as well as sufficient and appropriate lighting.
  • a space proximal to a bathroom and basic first aid and in some cases, access to transportation
  • appropriate “tools” or allow the student to bring such tools as indicated by the course teacher. Only those items indicated by the teacher on the form will be permitted. E.g. Pen; mobile device like phone with data or “pad”; pencil; formulae sheet; class summary notes; other resources. No bags or notebooks would be permitted unless indicated. No use of head phones is permitted unless indicated specifically for the exam by the teacher.
  • An email that can receive an attached, scanned exam FROM TAC and a copier that can SCAN a document to be returned to the TAC teacher for final marking.